There is something we can say about the beauty of viewing the world’s most majestic sea creatures in their natural habitat. One could visit an aquarium to see sea life. Still, there is something magical and unforgettable about watching dolphins swim, play and interact in the waters that is their native environment. A dolphin cruise is a perfect tour to invest in if you want to get up close and personal with the sea life. These tours help extend the mammals’ life through tour companies’ conservation efforts. They will also give you a glimpse into their natural habitats’ beauty and peaceful nature, as this is the most important ever to many people.

The Indian Ocean is home to many different dolphin species and may be the perfect destination for travellers hoping to include a dolphin cruise in their vacation. Many tourist hot spots around the Indian Ocean are home to species of dolphins that you cannot see anywhere else in the world, some of which are endangered or threatened.

Including a dolphin cruise on your vacation may be the last chance to see some of these majestic creatures before they’re-they’re sadly extinct. Zanzibar, an island just off of Tanzania, offers tours that allow travellers to see the local pods of humpback and bottlenose dolphins.

Their tour also includes swimming with dolphins and snorkelling in the island’s beautiful coral reefs. For folks travelling to Australia, Jervis Bay on the south coast of New South Wales is host to a pod of bottlenose dolphins throughout the year. Sometimes this pod will swell with common dolphins as they travel the coast, allowing travellers to see hundreds of these aquatic animals as they swim on past.

Mauritius, an island off the coast of Africa, has plenty of dolphin cruises for visitors. Whether you want to swim with the dolphins or watch them from a catamaran, you can view these beautiful sea animals in their natural habitat.

There are many different types of dolphins that you might encounter in the Indian Ocean. The¬†Burrunan dolphin¬†is a species that is found only around parts of Australia. It wasn’t even recognized as a species until 2011, so it is quite a new find. The Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin lives around India, parts of Australia and the eastern coast of Africa. They are smaller than the common bottlenose dolphin. The Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin is an endangered species found anywhere from South Africa to Western Indochina. We normally find the Australian humpback dolphin between northern Australia and southern New Guinea. Irrawaddy dolphins are a unique-looking species found near the coasts of New Guinea and the Philippines.

As you can see, no matter where in the Indian Ocean you are travelling, whether in Africa, Australia or anywhere in between, there are some different dolphin cruises for you to embark on and dolphin species to see.

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