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Jervis Bay Holiday Accommodation Information For The Destinations of Jervis Bay NSW Australia

Jervis Bay accommodation and hospitality to suit all tastes and budgets at Vincentia, Huskisson, Hyams Beach, Callala Bay, Woollamia, Callala Beach, Lumeah, Myola, Sanctuary Point and St Georges Basin South Coast NSW.

A secret paradise unearthed, Jervis Bay or JB as it is affectionately know to those that visit this pristine area, can be found on the NSW South Coast and is located in the Shoalhaven; the No. 1 Tourist Destination in the state of New South Wales, just 2.5 hours from Sydney and 3 hours from Canberra. The Shoalhaven region contains a wide range of natural attractions that draw large numbers of tourists to the region. Along with its many attractions the Shoalhaven is home to the Jervis Bay Marine Park one of only two marine parks in NSW.

The Bay is one of the true gems of the NSW south east region and its value to Australia has been recognized by its National Park classification. Its breathtaking beauty, its rich cultural and natural significance has long been recognized and appreciated by locals and visitors alike. The Bay reputedly has the clearest waters and whitest sands in the country. (some say the world!)

Jervis Bay (jär´vis) is a sheltered inlet of the Pacific Ocean, 10 mi (16.1 km) long and 6 mi (9.7 km) wide, SE Australia. In 1915 the harbour and part of the coast were transferred to the federal government by New South Wales. Jervis Bay, connected by rail with Canberra, 85 mi (137 km) inland, was intended to become the port of the landlocked Australian Capital Territory. When the territory gained self-government in 1988, Jervis Bay was separated and remained under the administration of the federal government. The area around the bay is a popular summer resort.

Jervis Bay Information Centre

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For visitors to Jervis Bay it is a must to call in and view all that Jervis Bay has to offer. Discover what Jervis Bay has to offer including ,restaurants, cafes, water activities, land activities, accommodation options, souvenirs, refreshments and much more ...........

A large range of accommodation, activities, marine and national parks information as well as all you fishing requirements, bait tackle fishing licenses from the Fishing Tackle Shop situated inside the Jervis Bay Information Centre.

Boat hire, whale watching / dolphin watching cruise, electric bike hire, tennis court hire can all be booked from the Jervis Information Centre.

Displays by some of Jervis Bay's leading business, can also be viewed at the Centre.

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will give you the opportunity to view the best Jervis Bay has to offer on your Jervis Bay Beach Holiday.

The perfect place to start your holiday and discover what Jervis Bay has to offer you and your family.

Jervis Bay a perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the NSW South Coastal region. The expansive coastal bay area is surrounded by charming seaside villages and towns, with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, all bounded by Jervis Bay Marine Park and national parks.

Discover the outstanding snorkeling and scuba diving conditions. Explore Jervis Bay Marine Park see whale, seals and dolphins on one of the scenic cruises out of Huskisson.

Picnic facilities and walking tracks are all abundantly available in the surrounding Jervis Bay National Park. Quality boutique shopping, restaurant, cafes, bistros, clubs and pubs are located in the various townships around the bay.

Accommodation options available at Jervis Bay luxury couple 5 star accommodation to budget family accommodation

Two open air markets are held each month as well as the Famous Huskisson Trading Post Information Centre which is open 7days a week.

The surrounding areas are the home to many fine wineries & cellar doors most offering tours and samplings.

The Shoalhaven Tourism Information Display

The Shoalhaven Tourism Information Display allows you to plan a trip further down or up the magnificent NSW Shoalhaven South Coast.

Explore Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay has become increasingly popular it’s natural attractions and coastal landscape.

Dolphin & Whale Watch Cruises, Seal Colony Cruises, Snorkelling Tours & Private Charters on and in Jervis Bay NSW Australia

Watch Dolphins, Whales and Seals in the wild ...

Whale Watching in Jervis Bay
Jervis Bay offers some of the best whale watching experiences in Australia. Jervis Bay is fortunately placed so, that the migration, both north and south can be observed as they pass the entrance to Jervis Bay, frequently entering the bay to rest.
The majority of whales sighted at Jervis Bay are the Humpback whales, which migrate along the east coast from June to November.

However we do see other species on occasions such as Southern Right whales,   False Killer Whales, Orcas, Minke whales.

Land Based Viewing Platforms Jervis Bay
The convoy of passing whales is part of the annual humpback migration, with animals the size of a suburban bus travelling from their winter feeding grounds in Antarctica to their summer birthing grounds in the Great Barrier Reef.

Many of these passing animals, which weigh up to 30 tonnes, are pregnant.

"Any headland with a clear horizon provides a vantage point for watching this migration in progress,"

"Early mornings with calm seas and clear skies provide ideal conditions. It is a fantastic way for families to see animals in the wild.

"However, people have to remember whale watching takes time and can be unpredictable. Also, most animals remain at least three kilometres out to sea, which is why it is important to take both lunch, warm clothes and binoculars if you have them."

Almost all coastal national parks and reserves have lookout platforms, which provide ideal locations. National parks that provide good whale watching headlands include: Booderee National Park, details below .....
Also from the shore line of Jervis Bay during the southern migration whales can been seen frequently with their calves in the bay.

Dolphin Watch Cruises on Jervis Bay with any of a number of local cruise companies

Whale Watching Cruises on Jervis Bay with any of a number of local cruise companies

Jervis Bay is now classified as a Marine Park and is host to abundant wildlife, including seals, penguins, whales and of course the resident dolphins.

Winter brings the humpback whales, their acrobatic antics an awe-inspiring thrill to watch. They make their passage up the east coast to the warmer waters of Queensland and Jervis Bay is a regular haunt on the northward journey. Late July to August see the return of the whales and their calf’s as they call into Jervis bay to rest and feed on the Southern journey home.

Activities Jervis Bay

Being 2 1/2 hours south of Sydney, Jervis Bay has year round popularity. Activities that can be enjoyed include; jet-ski hire, dolphin watch and whale watching cruises, sailing, swimming, fishing, exploring the coast, bush and beach walks, tours, lazing in the sun, and of course, Scuba Diving.

Accommodation Jervis Bay

As well, there are many small villages nestled around the shores of the Bay; Huskisson, Callala Bay, Callala Beach, Myola, Vincentia and Hyams Beach. All offering their own unique attractions and accommodation.

Wine & Dine Jervis Bay

The famous Husky Pub and Husky RSL are favourite spots at night for meals and entertainment. You will also find restaurants and cafes in scenic locations around the bay.

Sea Kayaking Jervis Bay

Explorer of the natural realm, adventurer or thrill seeker, Sea Kayaks enable you to interact and contemplate the natural environment of Jervis Bay.
By Sea Kayak you will be able to explore perfect beach after perfect beach - some accessible only by water

Dive Jervis Bay

The Bay offers some of the most diversified scuba diving along the Australian east coast, regarded by many as the alternate dive site to the Great Barrier Reef. It is truly one of the most natural oases along the New South Wales coast. Protected by towering sandstone cliffs and fed by oceanic currents, its close proximity to the Continental Shelf ensures nutrient rich water and rare visitors such as Sunfish, Marlin, Tuna and even the occasional Blue Shark.

The rocky cliffs continue below the surface, forming ledges, caves and rocky outcrops. These formations provide the ultimate accommodation for approximately 250 species of fish; including giant Australian Cuttlefish, Port Jackson Sharks, Octopus, Weedy sea dragons, a wide variety of Rays and other bottom dwelling sharks.
Within the Bay, there are extensive Sea grass Meadows, which range from 2 metres to 12 metres. They protect juvenile fish and crustaceans as well as acting as a filter giving us clear water.

White sandy beaches adjoin thick un spoilt bush with the occasional small rain forest less than 200 metres from the shore. Kangaroos can be seen on some of the beaches in the mornings and dolphins are regular friends.
Two small rivers feed the Bay - Moona Moona Creek and Currumbene Creek. These are shrouded by mangroves and sea grass, which again filter the water. Large Black Stingrays up to 2 metres in diameter can be seen gliding along these waterways.